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SFNM NE Series: Proposing a care practice bundle for neonatal encephalopathy during therapeutic hypothermia

Practice Points: 

  • Neonates with NE often present with multi-organ dysfunction that requires multidisciplinary specialized management. Care of the neonates with NE is thus complex with interaction between the brain and the various organ systems.
  • Illness severity during the first days of life, and not only during the initial asphyxia event, is a significant predictor of adverse outcome in neonates with NE treated with TH.
  • A care practice bundle dedicated to support the injured neonatal brain may lead to harmonize the care of the neonates with NE treated with TH and lessen the variations in the care observed around the world.
  • Optimizing the management of each organ system may increase the efficacy of TH and future adjunct neuroprotective and neuro- restorative therapies under study, and ultimately improve the out- comes of these neonates.

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