Newborn Brain Society

Statement on Racial Injustice and Disparities in Care

Newborn Brain Society leadership stands firm against all racial injustice and prejudice. Disparities in healthcare exist around the world for people of color, and disproportionately affect black, brown and poor communities.  We are significantly concerned about the impact of racial injustice and health disparities on maternal and infant care, leading to greater maternal and infant mortality.

As leaders in neonatal neurological care, our collective work should strive to ensure that all families have optimal and equal access to the very best care that lends itself to positive outcomes and development in childhood.

We affirm that, as an organization, we will address inequities, through evidence-based and compassionate care, promote research to address inequality, and further support communities of color in our mission, education, and outreach. We expect those who choose membership within our society to do the same.

We will continue to denounce all acts of violence against the black community, from microaggressions in the workplace and elsewhere to overt violence in the home or on the street.

We seek equity in our organization, institutions, affiliations, and patient communities to ensure we do our part to stop racial injustice.

— The Newborn Brain Society Board of Directors

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