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SFNM NE Series: Nutrition and management of glycemia in neonates with neonatal encephalopathy treated with hypothermia

Practice Points: 

  • Thresholds for hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia remain poorly defined and may vary depending on comorbid conditions and impaired metabolic adaptations.
  • Glycemic levels should be maintained within the broadly accepted physiologic ranges during the early postnatal period in neonates with NE.
  • Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia in neonates with NE are associated with worse neurodevelopmental outcomes.
  • Optimal glucose homeostasis and nutrition may be neuroprotective in NE.
  • Impact of nutritional strategies on long-term neurodevelopmental outcomes of neonates with NE remain largely unknown.
  • The incremental introduction of milk feeds during therapeutic hypothermia is safe and is associated with improved short-term out- comes in observational studies.

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