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SFNM NE Series: Neonatal encephalopathy: Focus on epidemiology and underexplored aspects of etiology

Practice points

• Review family history of neurological disorders and consanguinity, previous babies with perinatal/neonatal death, neonatal encephalopathy and neurodevelopmental conditions including cerebral palsy and autism
• For term and near-term neonates requiring NICU admission, submit placentas for examination. Follow up results, request expert consultation if in question.
• Review maternal antenatal and perinatal records including maternal medical conditions such as thyroid disease, prenatal genetic testing, fetal biometry, delivery records and placental pathology which can provide insight into potential etiologies of NE
• Consider evaluation for congenital infections based on the presentation of NE, imaging findings, laboratory assessment, and prior maternal testing.
• Consider genome studies for etiology in babies with NE, if considered informative test parents as well

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