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NBS Presents the Inaugural Honorary Fellow Award

Joseph J. Volpe, MD is awarded the “Newborn Brain Society Inaugural Honorary Fellow” for his lifetime achievements in the field of newborn brain care

Boston, Mass. – Joseph J. Volpe, MD has been awarded the Newborn Brain Society’s Inaugural Honorary Fellow title for his contributions and developments in Neonatal Neurology. Dr. Volpe will be honored on May 5th at 2 PM EDT during the online Combined Newborn Brain Society and Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine Grand Rounds session titled Neuroimaging in the Preterm Infant: Where Are We in 2020?

Dr. Volpe is the renowned founder of neonatal neurology and has spent his career teaching, learning, innovating, and sharing his knowledge with his patients and colleagues. He received his degree from Harvard Medical School and completed his pediatric residency at Massachusetts General Hospital. His love of neurology, neuropathology, and neurobiology continued to grow as he was mentored by Dr. Philip Dodge and encouraged to move towards the undiscovered field of neonatal neurology in the intensive care unit setting. This is considered Dr. Volpe’s defining career moment, and he went on to publish over 300 articles on PUBMED — 75% of them as the first author.

Dr. Volpe shared his findings on neonatal seizures, patterns of cerebral injury in the preterm infant, new imaging methods and cerebral ischemia. These innovative accomplishments led him to hold positions as Director of the Division of Pediatric Neurology at Washington University and President of the Child Neurology Society. He then began to single-handedly write and publish the first newborn brain textbook titled Neurology of the Newborn in 1981 and continued to publish updated versions for six editions of the textbook.

Dr. Volpe later held the Neurologist-in-Chief role at Boston Children’s Hospital and focused on teaching and growing his faculty and staff, while continuing to innovate in the field. He has since received the Hower Award for lifetime contributions and the Sachs Award for scientific achievement from the Child Neurology Society. His legacy will continue to inspire, help, protect, and encourage experts, students, and patients for years to come.

Joseph Volpe’s lifetime of commitment to the field of neonatal neurology has recognized him as the first recipient for the Newborn Brain Society’s Honorary Fellow award. This prestigious award will be given to qualifying contributors in the field of newborn brain care.

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