Newborn Brain Society

Education Committee Presents: Teaching Resources

The Newborn Brain Society is proud to announce that we now have the following new teaching resources available for our members:

Neonatal Neurology talks of:

  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital Neonatal Grand Rounds
  • Neuro-NICU Nursing Education Hammersmith Neuro-Exam
  • Neonatal Neurologic Exam – The University of Utah
  • NNCC Lecture Series
  • NeoBrain for Parents
  • Neuro Exam in Neonates with Suspected Encephalopathy
  • Neonatal Neurology Books
  • Interactive Neonatal Neurology Cases
  • Therapeutic Hypothermia Eligibility Calculator
  • Preterm Brain Injury Diagnosis Smart Devices Application
  • The New England AEEG Club

Follow these steps to find them:

  • Select your member portal on the NBS website
  • Hover over “Member Portal Home”
  • Select “Teaching Resources”
  • Choose which resource you would like to use

These new resources are for active NBS members only, so please consider registering here in order to gain access to our member benefits, as well as recorded webinars. These resources allow for easily accessible education for our members, as well as an increase in interdisciplinary collaboration, both key values of the Newborn Brain Society.

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