Newborn Brain Society

Lina F Chalak, MD, MSCS

Co-Chair of QI and Research Committee

Dr. Lina F Chalak, MD, MSCS is a Professor in Pediatrics and Psychiatry at UT Southwestern. Dr. Chalak is a neonatologist founding director of the Neurointensive Care NICU program and co-director of the Neonatal Neurology Fellowship Program.

Her NIH funding trajectory started with a KL2 followed by K23 then RO1. Her current federally funded research projects include: Cerebrovascular autoregulation and neuronal biomarkers in HIE, Neuronal and inflammatory biomarkers involved in neuronal injury pathways. She has led the PRIME mild asphyxia collaborative study and pioneered a “Neurovascular bundle” for a critical real time evaluation of the coupling of cerebral blood flow and neuronal activity in newborns with asphyxia.