Newborn Brain Society

Geraldine Boylan, PhD

Steering Committee Member

Geraldine Boylan is Professor of Neonatal Physiology, Department of Paediatrics & Child Health, University College Cork, Ireland and Director of the INFANT Research Centre –

She has worked in clinical neurophysiology for many years and since 1996 has worked exclusively in the field of neonatal neurophysiology. She leads the Neonatal Brain Research Group at the INFANT centre – a multidisciplinary research team focused on neuromonitoring for infants in the neonatal intensive care unit, particularly for seizure detection and the early diagnosis of brain injury. Her team have used AI to develop an automated system for newborn seizure detection and have completed a clinical trial evaluating the clinical efficacy of this algorithm in 8 centres across Europe. She is also focused on developing better medicines for newborn infants and is the Irish lead for the conect4children pan European clinical trials network funded by the EU and IMI2