Newborn Brain Society

Announcing the NBS Honorary Fellow Award 2023: Linda de Vries

Board of Directors and Steering Committee, Newborn Brain Society

Linda de Vries, MD, PhD is awarded the “Newborn Brain Society Honorary Fellow Award” for her lifetime achievements in the field of newborn brain care

Emeritus Professor Linda de Vries is a remarkable person who has made enormous contributions to, and reached exceptional stature in, the field of neonatal neurology.  In addition to the many patients and families that have benefitted directly from her dedicated clinical care, she has graciously shared her amazing wisdom, talents and skills with the scientific community over decades of an incredible career in neonatology.

After training in neonatology in the Netherlands she completed a PhD in London with Dr. Lilly Dubowitz where she pioneered the development of both cranial ultrasound imaging and the application of neonatal MRI. She then studied pediatric neurology in Leuven and became one of the few clinicians to be fully qualified in these two disciplines.  She returned to the Netherlands and in Utrecht she built a world-renowned unit investigating neurological problems newborns, using many different techniques to investigate their problems – the so-called multidisciplinary approach. She was an instrumental team leader, and her success was stemmed by her generosity and engagement of all disciplines, recognizing the unique insights that such approaches can bring.  She nurtured expertise in her trainees in areas of neuroimaging from cranial ultrasound to magnetic resonance imaging, in neuromonitoring from electroencephalographic to near infrared spectroscopy monitoring, and in the neurobehavioral and developmental evaluations of infants and children, creating world leaders in each field.  She created study cohorts and followed them over many years, not only providing them and their parents with skilled and personal support, but uniquely informing our knowledge about the impact of neonatal neurological issues on infant development and long-term outcomes.  She had a curious mind and open heart to see every patient and allow them to guide and inform her scientific thinking.

She has a profound depth of clinical knowledge and her opinion on early diagnosis, brain imaging and outcomes of children is sought by doctors and other professionals from all over the world.  She is unwavering and gives her time graciously in this regard.

She has over 500 publications, has authored many impactful and informative books and book chapters for most of the major textbooks in the field. She is an excellent teacher, and her lectures are a model of clarity and preparation.  She is the recipient of many prestigious awards internationally recognizing her intellectual and clinical skills and contributions to the field.

She has a determination in her spirit as a self-starting researcher who has sought extensive collaborations at home and abroad. She has supervised hundreds of PhD students, mentored and inspired her own faculty and scientists and a generation of other investigators worldwide.  Finally, Linda is a warm and kind person who has a network of colleagues around the world who feel blessed to have her as their friend.  

The Newborn Brain Society is thrilled to have the opportunity to recognize Linda’s innumerable contributions to the field of neonatal neurology and neurocritical care by honoring her with the Newborn Brain Society Honorary Fellow Award.

Thank you, Linda, for all your contributions to the field and congratulations!

Professor Linda de Vries will be presented this prestigious award in-person at the NBS Meet & Greet Breakfast at the Pediatric Societies (PAS) Meeting in Washington, D.C. on April 29, 2023. To attend the event, please RSVP.