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April 2020 – Speakers & Topics:

  • Supporting HIE Families – Betsy Pilon, Hope For HIE
  • Hypothermia for HIE, Updates and Controversies – Seetha Shankaran, MD
  • Neonatal Head Ultrasonography: How to Scan a Baby, Normal Anatomy of the Neonatal Brain – Gerda Meijler, MD
  • Neuroimaging in the Full Term Infant – Linda de Vries, MD

May 2020 – Speakers & Topics:

  • Neuroimaging in the Preterm Infant: Where are we in 2020? – SIG Panel Discussion
    • Chairs/Speakers:  Mohamed El-Dib, MD, Terrie Inder, MBChB, MD, Hannah Glass, MDCM, MAS, An Massaro, MD, Laura Ment, MD, Christopher Smyser, MD, MSCI
    • Moderators: Laura Ment, MD & Joseph J Volpe, MD)
  • Sedation, Analgesia, and the Newborn Brain – Christopher McPherson, PharmD, BCPPS
  • Neonatal Brain Development: Structure and Function – Christopher Smyser, MD, MSCI 
  • Review: HIE, Therapeutic Hypothermia and Outcomes – Panadda Chansarn, MD

June 2020 – Speakers & Topics:

  • Neuroprotective Nursing Care: More Than Just a “Cool Cub” – Jan Lind, RN
  • 7 Steps to Review aEEG – Kathi Randall, MSN, CNSaNNP-BC
  • Is it time to use NIRS as a clinical NICU monitor? – Mohamed El-Dib, MD
  • Is it solely neonatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy or is it more? – Kristine Woodward, MD/MSc

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