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Recent Webinar Topics 

December 2022
  • Congenital Malformations of the Brain – Zarina Assis, MD
  • Bacterial and Fungal CNS Infections of the Newborn – Rachel Greenberg, MD
  • The Legacy of Dr. Taeun Chang in Neonatal Neurocritical Care: Research on Post Neonatal Epilepsy Outcomes & Treatment for Hemimegalencephaly – Tammy Tsuchida, MD & Tayyba Anwar, MD
November 2022
  • Neuromuscular Disorders in the Neonate: Challenges of Diagnosis and Treatment in the New Era of Disease Modifying Therapies – Carolina Tesi Rocha, MD
October 2022
  • Acquired Viral Infections of the Newborn Brain – Linda de Vries, MD
  • The F Words with spinda bifida – Paige Terrien Church, MD
  • Neonatal Cerebellar Development – Sylke Steggerda, MD

  • Promise to discover novel interventions by untangling the cell type-specific effects of hypoxia on the developing brain’s epigenome – Ana Cristancho, MD, and Developmental brain injury and social determinants of health: opportunities to combine preclinicalDanielle Barber, MD

September 2022
  • Criteria for Therapeutic Hypothermia: Role of the Neurological Examination – Abbot Laptook, M.D.
  • IVH in the Term infant: Fetal and Neonatal Considerations – Carolina V. Guimaraes, MD and Susan R. Hintz, MD, MS Epi
  • Basics of Neonatal Brain MRI – Zarina Assis, MBBS, DNB, DM (NIMHANS)
  • Assess Four ”Great Neonatal Neurological Syndromes” Using EEG-State Analyses: Time-dependent Neurobiological Information for Clinical Decision-Making – Mark Scher, MD
  • National asphyxia and cooling register of Switzerland – Barbara Brotschi Aufdenblatten, PD Dr. med. and Cornelia Hagmann, MD, PhD, Prof

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