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April 2020 – Speakers & Topics:

  • Supporting HIE Families – Betsy Pilon, Hope For HIE
  • Hypothermia for HIE, Updates and Controversies – Seetha Shankaran, MD
  • Neonatal Head Ultrasonography: How to Scan a Baby, Normal Anatomy of the Neonatal Brain – Gerda Meijler, MD
  • Neuroimaging in the Full Term Infant – Linda de Vries, MD
  • Neonatal Seizures – Carlos Ivan Salazar, MD

May 2020 – Speakers & Topics:

  • Neuroimaging in the Preterm Infant: Where are we in 2020? – SIG Panel Discussion
    • Chairs/Speakers:  Mohamed El-Dib, MD, Terrie Inder, MBChB, MD, Hannah Glass, MDCM, MAS, An Massaro, MD, Laura Ment, MD, Christopher Smyser, MD, MSCI
    • Moderators: Laura Ment, MD & Joseph J Volpe, MD)
  • Sedation, Analgesia, and the Newborn Brain – Christopher McPherson, PharmD, BCPPS
  • Neonatal Brain Development: Structure and Function – Christopher Smyser, MD, MSCI 
  • Review: HIE, Therapeutic Hypothermia and Outcomes – Panadda Chansarn, MD

June 2020 – Speakers & Topics:

  • Neuroprotective Nursing Care: More Than Just a “Cool Cub” – Jan Lind, RN
  • 7 Steps to Review aEEG – Kathi Randall, MSN, CNSaNNP-BC
  • Is it time to use NIRS as a clinical NICU monitor? – Mohamed El-Dib, MD
  • Is it solely neonatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy or is it more? – Kristine Woodward, MD, MSc

July 2020 – Speakers & Topics:

  • Hemodynamic Management in HIE – Nicholas Evans, DM, MRCPCH, CCPU, OAM
  • Getting Started With Neonatal NIRS Research – Zachary Vesoulis, MD
  • Synaptic ratios determine more epileptogenesis in some brain malformations than in others – Harvey Sarnat, MS, MD, FRCPC
  • Mild HIE: Conundrum and Beyond – Lina Chalak, MD
  • Fetal Heart Rate Patterns and Perinatal Asphyxia – Barry Schifrin, MD

August 2020 – Speakers & Topics:

  • Diagnosis of Neonatal SeizuresCourtney Wusthoff, MD
  • Developmental Origins of Brain Health and Disease: The Diagnostic Process across the Life-span, Part 1: The Horizontal Perspective of Phenotypic Diversity – Mark Scher, MD
  • Cooling Therapy in Middle-Income Countries – Sudhin Thayyil, MD, DCH, FRCPCH, PhD
  • Using Technology to Protect Brains in Resource Limited Countries – Gabriel Variane, MD

September 2020 – Speakers & Topics:

  • Neonatal Stroke: Little Brains, Big Consequences – Anna Mrelashvili, MD
  • Neonatal Brain Doppler Applications – Frances Cowan, MD
  • Cerebellar Injury in the Newborn – Sylke Steggerda, MD
  • Update on IVH and PHVD – Mehmet Cizmeci, MD

October 2020 – Speakers & Topics:

  • Cerebral Oxygenation and the PDA Dilemma: Can NIRS Monitoring Help? – Valerie Chock, MD, MS, Epi
  • Insights Into the Pathways to Adverse Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in the Preterm Infant – Terrie Inder, MBChB, MD
  • HIE in the Preterm Infant: Brain Injury, Therapies, and Outcomes – Ted Rosenkrantz, MD
  • Elemental Role of the Neonatal Therapist in Providing Neuroprotective Care for Preterm Infants in the NICU – Catherine Smith, PT, DPT, PhD, PCS, CNT and Jenene Craig, PhD, MBA, OTR/L, CNT
  • Neonatal Metabolic Epilepsies – Phillip Pearl, MD

November 2020 – Speakers & Topics:

  • Normal Embryology and Morphogenesis of the Human Nervous System – Harvey Sarnat, MS, MD, FRCPC
  • Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibition Reverses Cellular and Transcriptomic Alterations Induced by Hypoxia in the Neonatal Piglet Brain – Panagiotis Kratimenos, MD, PhD
  • Introduction to Placental Pathology and the Amsterdam Classification – Raymond Redline, MD

December 2020 – Speakers & Topics:

  • IVH Prevention: A Quality Improvement Perspective – Khorshid Mohammad, MD, MSc, FABP, FRCP (Edin)
  • Fetal Oxygenation During Maternal Hypoxia – Shyamala Dakshinamurti, MD, MSc, FRCP, FAAP
  • Creating a NeuroNICU: Practical Ways to Provide Brain Focused Care – Krisa Van Meurs, MD and Kathi Randall, MSN, CNS, NNP-BC

January 2021 – Speakers & Topics:

  • Using Placental Pathology to Understand Adverse Neurologic Outcomes – Raymond Redline, MD
  • 12th International Newborn Brain Conference Series: Pre-clinical Models of Neonatal Brain Injury – Alistair Gunn, MBChB, PhD, FRACP (Paediatrics), FRSNZ and John Barks, MD
  • Transitory and Vestigial Structures of the Developing Human Nervous System – Harvey Sarnat, MS, MD, FRCPC
  • 12th Hershey Conference Series on Developmental Brain Injury: Preterm Brain Injury – Helen Stolp, PhD, Mihai Puia-Dumitrescu, MD, MPH, Sandra Brooks, MD, MPH, FAAP and Josine Vaes, MD/PhD Candidate

February 2021 – Speakers & Topics

  • Developmental Origins of Brain Health and Disease: The Diagnostic Process Across the Lifespan: The “Vertical” Perspective of Phenotypic Diversity (talk 2) – Mark Scher, MD
  • Clinical Management During Therapeutic Hypothermia – Mohamed El-Dib, MD and Afifi El-Khuffash, MD
  • The First 1000-Day Perspective Defines a Fetal/Neonatal Neurology Program (FNNP) – Mark Scher, MD
  • Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy – Katherine Carlin, MD, FAAP, Steven Levison, PhD and Tommy Wood, BM BCH, PhD

March 2021 – Speakers & Topics

  • Novel Biomarkers to Stratify HIE Spectrum: A Dice Below the Tip of the Iceberg – Lina Chalak, MD, MSCS
  • Mild Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy and Long-Term Neurodevelopmental Outcome – Brian Walsh, MB, BCh, BAO, MRCPI, PhD
  • Development and Disorders of the Olfactory System in the Fetus and Neonate – Harvey Sarnat, MS, MD, FRCPC
  • Detection of Seizures in the Newborn – Geraldine Boylan, PhD
  • Acute and Chronic Effects of Neonatal Seizures – Robert Clancy, MD
  • Single Cell RNA Seq Reveals Changes in Oligodendrocyte Sub-Populations After Neonatal Stroke – Andra Dingman, MD
  • Enhanced Stem Cell Therapy Provides More Long-Term Histological and Behavioral Improvement with Delayed Administration Than Stem Cells Alone – Amara Larpthaveesarp

April 2021 – Speakers & Topics

  • Update on Neonatal Seizures – II – Hannah Glass, MDCM, MAS and Janet Soul, MDCM, FRCPC
  • Neuroimaging – I – Manon Benders, MD, PhD and Sudhin Thayyil, MD, FRCPCH, PhD
  • Newborn Brain Injury – The Global Perspective – Joy Lawn, BMedSci, MB BS, MRCP(Paeds), MPH, PhD and Cally Tann, MBChB, PhD, FRCPCH
  • Parents and Neonatal Brain Care – Monica Lemmon, MD and Eleanor Molloy, MB, BCh, BAO, PhD, FRCPCH, FRCPI
  • Inter-alpha Inhibitor Proteins, Neuroprotection after Hypoxic Ischemic Brain Injury – Barbara Stonestreet, MD

May 2021 – Speakers & Topics

  • Neuroimaging – II – Terrie Inder, MBChB, MD and Linda de Vries, MD, PhD
  • Outcomes – James Boardman, MD and Neil Marlow, DM, FMedSci
  • Digital Diagnostics for the Developing Brain – Sabine Van Huffel, MD, PhD, Deirdre Murray, MD, PhD and Renee Shellhaas, MD, MS
  • QI and Outcomes of Extreme Preterm Neonates: Challenges and Opportunities for Preterm Brain Injury – Prakesh Shah, MSc, MBBS, MD, DCH, MRCP, FRCPC

June 2021 – Speaker & Topics

  • Cerebral Autoregulation – Topun Austin, BSc, MBBS, MRCP(Paed), PhD, Eugene Dempsey, MB BCH, BAO, FRCPI, MD, MSc, MA and Gorm Greisen, MD, Dr. Med. Sci.
  • Neonatal Encephalopathy – Pierre Gressens, MD, PhD, Marianne Thoresen, MD, PhD
  • Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring in the Preterm Birth – Barry Schifrin, MD
  • Congenital Heart Disease: Pre-operative Neurologic Data You Need to Know – Caitlin Rollins, MD and Marie Metrailler, MD

July 2021 – Speakers & Topics

  • Optimizing initial neonatal resuscitation to reduce neonatal encephalopathy around the world – Jackie Patterson, MD, MPH
  • Diagnosis and Classification of Preterm Brain Injury with Cranial Ultrasound: Canadian Consensus Viewpoint – James Scott, MD, MSc, FRCPC
  • Hemodynamic Optimization for Neonates with NE – Regan Giesinger, MD, FRCPC
  • MRI of Typical and Atypical Fetal Brain Development – Ellen Grant, MD; Josepheen De Asis Cruz, MD, PhD

August 2021 – Speakers & Topics

  • Need for more evidence in the prevention and management of perinatal asphyxia and neonatal encephalopathy in low and middle-income countries: A call for action – Sudhin Thayyil, MD, PhD; Vaisakh Krishnan, MD; Seetha Shankaran, MD
  • Perinatal asphyxia from the obstetric standpoint – Meghan Hill
  • Placental contribution to neonatal encephalopathy – Anna Penn
  • Nutrition and Management of Glycemia in Neonates with NE treated with TH – Elana Pinchefsky; Juliane Schneider
  • Management of comfort and sedation in neonates with neonatal encephalopathy treated with therapeutic hypothermia – Christopher McPherson
  • Haematological issues in neonates with neonatal encephalopathy treated with hypothermia – Eleanor Molloy
  • Management of seizures in neonates with NE treated with hypothermia – Janet Soul and Janette Mailo

September 2021 – Speakers & Topics

  • Neurological and developmental outcomes following neonatal encephalopathy treated with therapeutic hypothermia – Neil Marlow
  • Neonatal encephalopathy: Etiologies other than hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy – Courtney Wusthoff
  • Neonatal encephalopathy: Focus on epidemiology and underexplored aspects of etiology – Eleanor Molloy; Sarah Mulkey
  • Update on mechanisms of the pathophysiology of neonatal encephalopathy – Joanne Davidson
  • Fluid management, electrolytes imbalance and renal management in neonates with neonatal encephalopathy treated with hypothermia – Matthew Harer
  • Subcutaneous fat necrosis associated with hypercalcemia in neonates with neonatal encephalopathy treated with therapeutic hypothermia – Cornelia Hagmann
  • Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Adverse Perinatal Outcomes at Term – Jacqueline Parchem
  • Outcomes of neonatal hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy in centres with and without active therapeutic hypothermia: a nationwide propensity score-matched analysis – Don Sharkey

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